Your Friendly Digital & Print Publisher For Hire

Hey! I'm Kate. I'm a book publishing master's graduate with a love for clean design and digital publishing. I believe in problem solving, hard work, and looking toward the future to create great, user-focused products and experiences. You can find some of the skills I can bring to your company or project below.

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    I like getting into projects and doing the dirty work myself, but I equally enjoy finding out what people are good at and encouraging them in a leadership role. I spend time thinking about how to make workflows more efficient in order to produce better work in less time.

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    The only thing better than making a great product is letting the people who will benefit from it and love it know it exists. I've done extensive research on online discoverability and have over a year's worth of experience marketing authors and books.

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    Digital Design

    As web master of Ooligan Press, I contributed to a 50% increase in site visits and developed the web application for a project that was featured in Publisher's Weekly. I've also made many ebooks using the latest epub3 features.

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    Print Design

    Though I'm optimistic about the future of digital publishing, my skills there stem from print design principles, and I'm passionate about both containers. A textbook I designed for reprint is currently available for purchase.

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    I have a passion for promoting education and feel strongly about spreading digital literacy. Parts of an online course I created to teach ebook design have been used in a class I helped establish and assist teach at Portland State University.

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    Books and stories are ideas, and seeing the manifestation of an exciting idea is inspiring. From developing themes to increasing clarity and conciseness, I love working with creative people to help their ideas reach the highest potential.

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